Christian Peace Witness: Conscience in War Project

Christian Peace Witness is committed to making "Conscience in War" a major theme for our work. We seek to foster a serious nationwide discussion on following Jesus in matters of conscience and duty, violence and nonviolence, war and peace.

To accomplish this vision, we will partner with Christian and multifaith peace fellowships and other organizations to host local and regional programs with the following goals:

  1. Lift up the voices of returning veterans in a variety of settings who have struggled with questions of conscience while in the military, especially those who because of their Christian faith have chosen the way of nonviolence;
  2. Provide a list of resources and speakers on the topic of Selective Conscientious Objection to be used by churches or organizations to educate their communities. The speaker list will include veterans, military chaplains, theologians and others working on topics of conscience, war, and moral injury. Materials will include both educational and liturgical resources.
  3. Host and co-sponsor local events in diverse geographical regions that highlight these stories and provide opportunities for education, worship, public witness and/or advocacy around the issue of SCO. Increasing public awareness through media outreach is key.

We need your help!

  • Work with your church or peace fellowship to host an event in your area. Your program can be small or large. It can focus on education or worship or public witness or advocacy -- or any combination of these.
  • Send us resources from your tradition around the issue of conscience, war or SCO.
  • Help us connect with people in the military from your community or denomination who might be willing to join this discussion. We are particularly looking for conversation partners among veterans and military chaplains.
  • Tell us about conferences and events already planned where we might add a workshop, speaker or film on SCO.
  • Help us to publicize events as they are planned in your area.

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