Christian Peace Witness Conscience in War Resource Kit

This resource represents collaboration between the 50+ members of Christian Peace Witness (CPW) and the Truth Commission on Conscience and War (TCCW) as well as other allies working on the issues of Selective Conscientious Objection (SCO). Each of the sections in this document offers portals to action. This document, in its digital form, is also interactive so you can add materials for others which you find are of value.

Join Us! But What Can We Do?

  • The step first is education through deeper study. There are literally tens of thousands of documents available on the subject of conscientious objection and SCO. WE have provided links to those we have found most helpful in each section below.
  • Our first goal is to provide better access to the right of selective conscientious objection, especially for those who have found themselves in the military and through a crystallization of conscience have not decided they wish to pursue a status of SCO. The Center on Conscience and War has drafted a legislative response and provides instructions on contacting members of Congress to adopt it. We have also identified resources that will service enlisted personnel as guides to questions concerning CSO
  • As a function of both deeper study and direct action the intention of CPW is for individuals to work through their faith communities. We have collected the statements from those denominations which have taken a position on SCO to use with your congregation or to share with denominational leadership if your larger faith community has not yet taken a position in support of SCO.
  • A number of allies have created interactive ways to deepen an understanding of the costs of war and the path to SCO which are available for use by local communities. The TCCW has served to bring a number of voices into public places as speakers. American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) has created a traveling exhibit called Windows and Mirrors which would serve as an excellent resource to mount to attract the broader public to hear speakers.
  • The subject of conscience as a challenge for reflection and action related to war has become a part of our culture through movies, literature and theater. A bibliography of such materials is available here as well.
  • Bringing the topic of SCO into the faith community through worship is served through a model service produced at the end of this document.

Table of Contents

Why Do We Support Selective Conscientious Objection?

Legal Resources and Changing Public Policy and the Law

Moral Injury and looking at Selective Conscientious Objection through Philosophy and Theology

Experiencing the Dilemmas of Selective Conscientious Objection through Testimony, Speakers and Exhibitions

Other Resources: Literature, Song, Books

A Liturgy for a Worship Experience on The Issues of Moral Injury and War

Conscience in War Speakers Bureau Listing

Conscience in War Speakers Bureau Biographies

Resources on Conscience Formation and the Crystalization of Conscience

Outline of Objections to SCO and Timeline of Religious Thought on Conscience and War

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